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Glossa ry

Glossa, the Society for Medieval Studies in Finland, was founded in 1996 to bring together scholars working in medieval studies along with others with an interest in medieval life and society. Glossa itself means a commentary or interpretation, reflecting our members’s own activities in studying the medieval world. The aims of the society are to develop the teaching of medieval studies in Finland; to promote general awareness of the Middle Ages (both Eastern and Western); and to promote the common interest of scholars and students in Finland working on the Middle Ages. Glossa is a member of the Federation of Finnish Learned Societies.

How to Become a Member?

If you wish to become a member of the society, please contact Glossa’s treasurer (glossatalous(at) and pay the membership fee to our account (Glossa ry., FI67 7997 7995 9782 98, reference number 6622). Please remember to include your contact information when paying! The annual membership fee (for 2018) is €17 (€12 for undergraduates; family membership is €25).

The society’s mailing list can be joined by sending (from the address you wish to join to the list) the e-mail message ”subscribe glossa-list” to majordomo(at)


  • Kirsi Kanerva, PhD (University of Helsinki), chair: kirsi.kanerva(at)
  • Olli Lampinen-Enqvist, MA (University of Helsinki), vice-chair: olli.lampinen(at)
  • Katja Fält, PhD (University of Jyväskylä): katja.j.falt(at)
  • Anita Geritz, BA (University of Helsinki), publicity and editor of Glossae: anita.m.geritz(at)
  • Lauri Ockenström, PhD (University of Jyväskylä): lauri.ockenstrom(at)
  • Saku Pihko, MA (University of Tampere): saku.pihko(at)
  • Marika Räsänen, PhD, docent (University of Turku): marras(at)
  • Tapio Salminen, PhD (University of Tampere): tapio.salminen(at)
  • Sanna Supponen, MA (University of Helsinki), treasurer, publicity team: sanna.supponen(at), glossatalous(at)

Substitute members

  • Henna Paasonen, BM (University of Helsinki), secretary: henna.paasonen(at)
  • Leena Enqvist, Th.M, BA (University of Helsinki): leena.enqvist(at)
  • Antti Ijäs, MA (University of Helsinki): antti.ijas(at)
  • Karolina Kouvola, Th.M (University of Helsinki), publicity team: karolina.kouvola(at)